Monday, August 28, 2017

One day

You're gonna wake up and you won't cry
One day you'll feel no pain
One day someone will value you
Take your sorrow away

One day you'll wake up thanking God for all He's given you
You won't feel forgotten

You will feel Gods love in the truest way

I know everyday u wake up wanting to see if today is that day.

I can't tell u when it'll come.
I can just tell you its coming soon

It is going to come

I dont know why you're going thru what you're going thru.
I dont know why

But trust in God try to have faith

Dont just give up.

Remember you're worth.

Stay away from the bad people and what u know is right.

Trust your gut
Trust GOD

U know what u feel inside
You know what that voice is telling u

Trust IT

That's God