Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fuck all that extra

Man these niggas be really tryna brainwash u.
Try to make u feel less worthy than u are.
And they swear they different but they really not...
Its the same thing with every relationship.
So this time.around.
I'm.changing who I AM

I'm changing me.

And I'm scared and excited about it.

But u know what its time for change.

I.cut my dreads.
I got the short look going on.

Finna start riding my moped again.
The weather getting nice.


So anyways.

Love u world

Keep GOD intertwined in your life somehow I know it gets hard

Hey yall

Ok world so let me update you on life onetime.

So a lot has been going on...
My dad had came to visit.
I had a blast...
My baby daddy is a useless piece of trash.
And my ex is like...
Stuck in the past...

He pops up out here...
And we chill.
And I haven't seen this person in 3years plus...

We barely speak
I was tryna break the ice and talk to him
He answering questions with my nigga how long have I known u?? Either we.talking or not.
I'm like how long you in town...

Him: who.wants to know...

What brought you in town??

Him:who.wants to know??

It stupid.

Then.after that he asks for head?!

Nigga wow...

I had to really just lay down and go to sleep...

And then the baby daddy think he can have a wife, a girlfriend, a side bitch, me.
Sleep here, fuck on me, then.disappear when he wants to.
He tell me.I can't fuck with no other niggas
Don't have niggas in his house.
He get mail here.
What the fuck.dude...

Like for real...

I'm so.over his stank in ass its ridiculous.

I'm taking small steps everyday towards a full future without him

Life with him is like I imagine life on like.

Everything happens for a reason I trust the Lord.
It gets real hard sometimes but I'm.still here I'm.still strong. I'm still beautiful
I'm still smart
I'm still valuable

Stay blessed my.good people and start taxing these niggas draining your life