Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lord help me

Lord first start by thanking You.
For blessing me so abundantly.

Just because I complain please don't ever think I don't love my blessings I do. Just please Lord hear my cry.

I need your help in turning a new leaf.
I need help to let go of this negativity
This negative, black force that has been destroying me for the past 2 years.

I tired Lord
Have been tired for a long, long time

So why do I feel trapped? Its not the baby
Not at all
Kids don't bind me
Sex don't bind me
So what is it that is so called binding me to this man?

I have no answer
So that's why I call on you oh Lord for your divine intervention
I can not do this without u

You know my heart, my worries, my cries, please work your magic

For I know You have a plan for my life to see me prosper and not to harm me