Sunday, December 13, 2015

Medal of honor

So, I have been in extreme deep thought
Over my sons name as he is so close to arriving
I went online to my support group to gain insight from the other moms having the same dillema as me

Who's last name should the baby have

And what I've learned and come to understand and respect is that
This name will be his forever
This name will be passed onto his kids
And there kids after that
It is a medal
A badge
An honor
To be passed down from lifetime to lifetime

And that being said if this great honor isn't earned and deserved it certainty isn't going to be handed out
Or given

And I had to think to myself who deserves that great honor??

Who has never let me down
Whos name do I want to live forever???


I had one mother say
If u even have to ask the answer should be not the father's name

If u even have to second guess whether your child should carry his name or not spare yourself...

Yet when it comes to my grandfather
He was the greatest man I've ever known

No one will ever live up to his greatness

And so another macnair will be born

Very soon just 7 days away from my due date

I'm so relieved to have made this decision
Just one more thing I don't have to worry about.

Sen will be here next week

And vacation starts

I'm so blessed he will be here to help and assist with his new brother

I love u all

Will keep u updated when my prince arrives