Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last night together

So with my 9th month just 7days away
Me and the baby's father had a long heart to heart last night...
He was hungry so he came over for dinner yesterday,
And stayed over...
Things happened...

I realized after all the bullshit
The ups and downs
The eviction
The lies
The back and forth
My bike
I mean I seriously can go on and on

A piece of me still loves him

The trust is barely there
But I haven't yet stopped the emotion behind it

He snuggled and felt the baby kick all night

He got mad at me because I kept getting out the bed but my back be killin me
Once he felt all the shit the baby was doin he understood a little better

Emphasis on the little lol

Men will never understand

I believe that whole heartedly

I'm just getting real nervous about everything

Labor is not an easy thing
I know I've done it b4
Things go different every time

Its scary

Point blank
Women die birthing their kids

Its the closest you get to death while being alive

I hate leaving my kids with other people...
IMA miss my doggies

Ima be home sick

Just still trying to wrap my mind around it all.

Asking for all your prayers and support. Because these past 2years of my life have been the craziest ever.
And I can only imagine what this new year is gonna bring me

My son father is crazy outta his mind

I love him tho...

Love u guys...