Friday, November 6, 2015


A lot of times we play blind
Especially when it comes to people that we love
Or expect things from.
God has slapped me in the face with the truth.
Just in the nick of time
I'm hurt
I feel just about every feeling there is right now
But I will not be defeated
I see a new beginning forming
A way out
I am.gonna take this chance and run as far away as I can

I'm gonna disappear in the middle of the night and no one will ever hear from me again

Not if I don't want

I'm a queen
God's child
His daughter
And He didn't create me to be treated like this

He wants me to be worshiped and appreciated for the person I am

I'm.gonna go quiet fo along time

So goodbye to all of you guys.

Its been a journey

A long twisted journey

But our time together ends now.

Goodbye and God bless you

Thank u for everything

Put all your faith in God

Because man will fail you every time