Sunday, October 25, 2015

Theres nothing like

Going thru hell to get to your destination

The pain, pushing, sweating
To hear your baby's first cry

Looking into his eyes for the very first time

Seeing that face and never forgetting

Touching his curly hair
Smelling his scent


Holding his little hand

Counting those perfect toes

Promising him that thru out life you will never leave his side

Introducing yourself and letting him know I'm mommy
Your backbone
the person you can call on for life

Letting him know God has chosen me to love you unconditionally forever
Even into my grave

Dressing him in his first outfit

Changing the first diaper

Breastfeeding for the first time
Teaching him how to latch

Letting his brothers and sisters meet
Watching everyone smile

Watching the youngest hit a milestone and become a big brother

Watching your family grow instantaneously

Watching all your friends come help pitch in
all for the sake of this baby
This beautiful soul no one has met yet

Taking his first picture

Writing his name for the first time

Hearing the world speak your child's name
The name you've chosen for your precious baby

Watching his first shots

Seeing him turn bright red from crying

Rocking him to sleep

Comforting him

His whole world is secure as long as he can feel your heartbeat and hear your voice

There's so much I have went thru this past 8 months

Pure hell at times.

But I know why
I know who its for

And no one is more important than my son right now.

I am so ready
So secure
So prepared for his arrival

If he came today I would be ready

I thank the Lord for this opportunity
To be the first one to love His child

I will never let any of my children fall

There's is absolutely nothing like being a mother