Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The final lineup

Edited because I had originally wrote 34 weeks... I'll be 33 weeks Sunday November 1st. Pregnancy brain. I'm sorry lol

OK with 33 weeks hitting this Sunday I'm still trying to prepare and line my helpers up
With me not driving anymore the question is
Who the eff is gonna bring me to the hospital??
Perhaps I'll have to take a cab??
An ambulance??

A friend???

Neeta can watch the kids hopefully lol
Last time when I had doopa I had 5 people lined up to watch the kids
And I almost had to bring them to the hospital with me
I hate asking people for help
But Neeta is like family so better her than anyone
It just is starting to make me nervous
It's like
Who is gonna watch the dogs??
Drive me??

My son is old enough to help me at home

Freezer food, fast food, and delivery is gonna be my best friend for a month or 2

If a serious emergency arises I will have to drive my car with no registration or insurance
But at least I'll be at the hospital
With a car

Can't believe I'm already 8 months

Gonna start drinking my raspberry leaf tea this week and get this uterus toned and prepared

Trying to choose my birth control
Looking at pics from last year that depo shot had me so dang fat😣

Probably gonna go IUD
Or something this time

Abstinence??? Hmmmm lol

I wish there was a birth control that helped you to pick better men to be with

All the uncertainty just has me unnerved

I hate leaving my kids alone
My doggies

Depending on others
It's a great stretch for me

Melo drove me with amil

My aunt Ruth with Santana

I drove myself with doop

I was on a cold mission with doopa boy lol
I refused to call his dad for anything
Not even if I was dying on my death bed

That's pretty much where I'm at now
Except this time around my plates are bad.
But shit
If I gotta
I gotta

Will update you guys when I think of a master plan

Is just hard because of these holidays
If he comes near his due date we looking at Christmas time
If he comes early we looking at thanksgiving