Saturday, October 24, 2015

Recognizing people's sacrifice

Breaking up is hard.
It takes us out of our comfort zone.
It makes us rethink
Reevaluate ourselves
Our lives and situations
And forces us into change

But I think it all has extreme value and a lot of times its necessary

After 9 years of being together my moms boyfriend is moving back to new York and she's having a hard time with that

I spoke to her in great length today
And we shared and we cried and I had to tell my mom some stuff that wasn't easy to say
But necessary for her to hear.

When I went back home in august I saw her man Reggie and first thing I said to him was he was looking thin and honestly he didn't look real happy to me

I told my mom that she shouldn't focus on the fact that he's leaving but more on the fact that he sacrificed and left everything he knows, his family, his son, his entire life in new York 9 years ago for her
That's love

Its a sacrifice that I KNOW my mom would never make for him. As much as she loves him she would never do that

But he did

And he didn't do it for 6 months or a year

He did it for almost a decade and I won't let his sacrifice go unnoticed or unappreciated

I compared it to me and joshy

I've been waiting for him to do that.
Which he's came close but never sealed the deal

Its a major thing

And I want her to see that

To see all that love went into that move

I know that even tho Reggie is leaving I know its not easy for him
I know its one of the hardest things he's had to do

I called and spoke with him in great length and let him know that I love him
And I appreciate all he's done for us and our family over the past 9 years

That he's welcome to my home anytime
And that I will always consider him family

She sees this as the end
But I see a great beginning forming

My mom called me a bad bitch
She thinks I'm this great superwoman

I get weak
I cry
I hurt
But I have to be strong

And I need her to know everything great in me I learned from her
I was raised by her alone
As a single mom, I watched her work 2 jobs almost my whole life
She works 2jobs to this day
And that's amazing to me
She's equally strong and amazing we just use our strengths in different ways

I love her to death
And I hope she can appreciate herself more than she does

She shorts herself and she's amazing

She bends over backwards
She always comes thru for me

And I'm proud she's my mom.

We all go thru shit in life
Its how we handle our hardships
And bounce back
And endure our struggle

Our struggles make us who we are
And they shape us
Build our character

I'm happy that Reggie is thinking about himself

Its OK to self preserve

We have to be selfish sometimes

We have to love ourselves before anyone else

Sometimes you only have yourself

So. In conclusion I'm proud of both my mom and Reggie

They had a great relationship
They still both love each other very much

But everything has a beginning and an end

And love is no exception.

So value your loved ones while you have them
Because once they're gone they're gone

And recognize the sacrifice we take for love
Because when you don't you may feel like you've been taken for granted

Love you all