Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Counting down

So bought my maxi pads yesterday lolol
How fun 😕😮😐
That was pretty much the last thing I needed for my hospital bag.

I got all my little stretch pants and leggings in there.
IMA feel so much better getting back to my old self!!
Can finally wear some decent clothes and look like a little something.
My son is worth it.
But 9 months is along time to give up yourself for another person.

Tank tops (camis)
Stretch pants/leggings
Phones etc

Still gotta get him a coming home outfit

But for the most part I'm ready.

The b.d. has been irritating the fuck outta me lately.

Regina get your husband...
Ppreciate cha...

Other than that. I have no complaints.

Baby is healthy and still cooking....

God is good.

Been overly providing for everything we need...

Lord I want to thank you in this time
For teaching me how to survive and provide for my family unassisted
The devil has tried to rob and steal from me
Knock me down
But YOU are such a providing father
I am in awe of your mercy

I love you Lord