Sunday, October 18, 2015

31 weeks

So I have been soooooo irritated lately.
This 3rd trimester is kickin ass
And I can't wait for this to be over...

Really hormonal and mad
For no reason lol

But happy about all the holidays.

Been getting so much done.

I'm so blessed.

Had my driver license revoked.
So yeah pretty much been on the bus.

Selling my car very soon for dirt cheap.
Because it sitting outside makes me wanna drive and I can't risk going to jail.

The kids need me.

The new baby

So I have to sacrifice

Its cool tho

All in due time

Been running into people I know on the bus actually

New people

Old people 😜

Wild things going on.  So anyways just briefly updating.
I'm really tired and going to sleep.