Friday, September 18, 2015

Planning season

So as time dwindles down. It is now time to start planning my baby shower.

We already have a theme.
And although I was really pumped up the other day I'm starting to get kind of overwhelmed but I know I have a lot of help!!

I feel so blessed that everyone urged me to throw one☺��

So keeping things kind of under wraps for now.
Don't want any uninvited stalkers showing up.
Or fat, balding, broke losers dropping by.
So the date and time will be given out only to people attending.

On some exclusiveness.

Really can't wait tho!!!
This time is flying by.
And soon I will have this baby
And be getting my body and my life back!!!!!!!

Still have moving in the AIR
And I've found a few places both in Nv and in ca that I will be considering.

Have dating already back in play just taking it slow because I'm focusing on me and being very selfish about it ��

As my people told me the other day be selfish its ok!!!

So just updating my loves.

Stay blessed because God is a truly good God with a plan to better you.
In Jesus name