Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time to reflect

You know sometimes when u go thru things in a relationship
And u take that break to gather space and u gravitate back to your loved one...

Well that only happens when there's true love involved

When there's not
You only gather clarity of why you should've never been with that person to begin with

Start to gain strength and peace in being without that person

I'm in a good place right now.

The cards are in my hands

And I'm still seeing who's very much down and in love with me

Certain ones are mad

Others begging for sex

Some still telling the same ole lies

And one deserving so much more than what I've been giving him

He just lives so far away I can't stand being without him

So its better to keep him at bay until we can straighten it out

We've been ironing things out for over 10 years lol

Baby steps...

Were very stubborn and slow...

He does not like the choices I make at all.

But he does love me

And I love him back

Its hard watching someone live without u

When all u wanna do is become apart of their everyday life
Apart of their forever

I'm still down to give u forever when you're ready