Sunday, August 30, 2015

The absolutely last straw

There's no more chances to be given you guys

This man can't be helped...

OK so the baby daddy has been here since last Sunday.

And things were going well.

But you can't help someone that wants to lie and use you.

Lying for no reason at all.

He makes decisions only for himself.

And I've watched him distance himself from his own kids.

Lie to his mother.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

So basically I was short like 5 dollars outta my wallet.

But when he's around I stay on high alert especially when he's broke.

So I asked him why he took money out my wallet without asking.

He's trying to make me feel like ion know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Then I find sports betting pages dated from today.
I'm smart enough to know that they come out everyday. Just like a newspaper

So you went to the casino and bet just say it. He can't do it.

He'd rather lie.

That's why he always has bad luck, and bad karma.

So I just told him not to come back...

I rather not.

I'm not gonna live with someone that I have to hide my purse or wallet. And can't trust you as far as I can throw u.

I can't even lift him.

Not gonna try.

I've dealt with a lot of things but never a thief like that.

So anyways just updating u all on the shenanigans.

I wish him the best.

I hope he finds real help.

Because he can't help anyone until he gets his life together.

Start owning his shit.

He's not a man. He can't face real life.

I'm gonna be OK.
Better than OK.

Especially with him gone because he's been weighing me down like a rusted anchor for along time.

I've sunken deeper and deeper into a hole because he lives in a hole himself...

Anyways. Getting back to life...

God bless u all