Friday, August 14, 2015

Saying goodbye

So, its time
its here.
Time for a new journey.
New experience and new people.
I'm scared. But I'm ready.
I've been holding onto the bitter past for so long.
I'm so grateful for the people that have entered my life at the right time.
So happy the boogy man and his shadows have left me.
Its crazy you get so used to the negativity, the bullshit, the devil...
We hide from God
Run from our own salvation
Our own blessings
But I'm not running anymore
I'm only running to the Lord
I realize that no one is more jealous than HIM
No man
I Was actually letting this bitch of a man pump fear into me. And it just wasn't life
God had to stop me dead in my tracks
Turn His daughter around and redirect me
But I see and feel him now
Nothing can stop it now

And a door closed by God shan't be reopened

Its taking a little while to get used to but its such a breath of fresh air!!!

Out of fear I have cut some people out of my life
People I love.
But its because as of right now I only have time for God

I don't wanna mess things up with him again

I know He will put it all back together
And only bring certain people back in

I'm so excited for today, this weekend
And what its going to bring me

I will not fail

I know I'm gonna cry AND that's ok

I've cried a lot over the past year
All for the wrong reasons

I've forgiven the wrong people

But there is an innocent person
So pure
I can't let the devil touch him

So I allowed God to cast the devil away

Lord I thank u for waking me and giving me an opportunity to talk to you
I pray that you only send your soldiers into my life and space
I pray that you can continue to keep the darkness away from me
Even when I foolishly invite it my way
Please see and know what's right for me and protect me from myself.

I thank you so much for loving me and keeping me strong even when I feel like giving up

I love you and I am so sorry that I wasn't putting you first in my life
I see that's how I ended up here
But I know you're not done with me yet

Thank you for bringing true love into my life.
I love you