Thursday, August 6, 2015

Love is retarded im almost sure

Or at least the people I choose to love are

Its probably me who's the retarded one. But I am slowly learning

I am definitely not mad
At this point I'm not even disappointed

I'm starting to understand and come to grips with certain facts

If he lies to his mother, brothers, and baby mommas, he'd do it to me

If he steals and deals with snakes
He too is a snake himself

I always constantly have to remind myself that the devil himself was God's top angel
You can mask things well

Use words to make a situation sound better

But the actions of a man will tell u everything

I'm not even gonna say it anymore. To me
To him
To anyone else
I'm just gonna be about it

Watch world watch how I turn this world upsidedown

I can't wait

Because someone who brings constant anxiety is the devil

Glad he chooses to stay in the pit of hell

Thank u Lord for knowing my enemies