Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life planning

So I'm trying to plan and introduce some change into my drab life lol

I kinda miss l.a. but my son father be leaving kind of a bad taste in my mouth I can't figure him out

He's mad for some reason
All the time

And I don't know why. He cheated on me. I put him out so he can b with the other woman.
Not my fault she wasn't what he thought and took him thru the wringer and back. That was on him. A choice he made.

I moved on and got on with life.

I went all the way to l.a. and he didn't bother to come to the party and see his daughter.
His mother did. And his sister. I love hala she's such a breathe of fresh air to be around. Always smiling.
Even his twin sons came.

Anyways this post isn't about him he's just one of the reasons I shy away from l.a.

I only deal with him like once maybe twice a year and its extremely uncomfortable when I do.
Then on top of that all my family is out there. Don't get me wrong I love them to death. But in small, short, inconsistent visits lol
Anything more I can't deal with

So that leaves moving somewhere else in Nevada... Which will be hard because I've never left or strayed far from my neighborhood.
Or try somewhere new all together.
Now I do wanna leave the desert for a while.
I am tired of the heat lol

I've been looking at places in Atlanta.
My.friends just moved to Pennsylvania.
I loved Florida when I was there. But my people left there...
What about just venturing and moving?
When I first came here many years ago I didn't know a soul...
Were so much bolder when were young lol

Get older take less chances

I don't wanna be scared tho. Some of the best things is life have came from stepping blindly into the future...

I just gotta figure it out, make a plan
Stick to it
Leave it in God's hands

I am too hype tho.
I haven't felt like this in along time
And I just hope I can make some wise smart desicions

Lord steer