Saturday, August 15, 2015

God can still use me

Been getting closer to God and trying to learn and find my place and purpose in this world

You know the devil is extremely clever
He knows how to say the right thing, lure the right bait, to draw you away from God.

I'm so serious

The devil will try to make you live in your past. Live in your mistakes.

But God says not to think about the past because HE can still use you to serve His purpose and glorify His name.

For along time I really couldn't figure out my path.

I'm  just taking a step at a time.

Praying along the way

I'm not running to seek comfort from sinners anymore.

Selfish people who only think about themselves.

I wanna surround myself with positivity

Loving people

Generous people

God loving people

Lord I ask that you use me for all your glory

Speak thru me

Give me a heart like yours

Help me to see your plan.

In Jesus name amen