Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6 months later

I am so unhappy with myself right now, but I jnow change is on the horizon.
In a matter of months I lost almost everything I have tried to build.
Behind a man for one
A married man
Who is also physically abusive.
But I have seen little of him lately
I hope I never see him again
He is the absolute worst thing that has happened to me
I love him
But I loved my daughter's father, you still have to stand up for yourself
I still had to leave him
And so too did I have to leave this one

Ill be glad when this new life starts
And I have to rebuild, and thats ok
Im prepared,  I know its gomna be extremely hard,
And its gonna be alot of work
Change isnt easy for me
But God is definitely expecting change from me

Lord please force me to do what u have planned for me
And comfort me,
Please never leave me because I am lost
I need you to steer for me, guide my vision
My steps
My path
My money
Take my family in your hands and just mold us because I am so scared

Just bear hug me and never let go.

I love you Lord
Please work thru me