Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Its hard

Its hard to forget the past

Look forward


Accept people for who they are

Love flaws

Be honest

Is hard to overlook anything when you expect so much from them

Sweetest surprise

Got the most

Sincere and genuine heartfelt message from my. Daughters father the other day

Brought me to tears

We havent seen eye to eye for along time

We never get along

We miscommunicate

But he got it right this last time

And I can tell hes growing


He thanked me for taking care of our daughter

And he said that I always held him down

Was always there and supported him

And that he loved me.

We haven't talked allot since.

It's pretty much hard for me to talk to him

But I did let him know how much I appreciated his message

Him calling

His sentiment

Sometimes it just takes a humble phone call

It can change the world

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day one

Nigga if u was down u woulda stuck around from day one.

checking in

So, quick check in.
before summer takes hold and all hell breaks loose

so, moved.

still not talking to alot of folks,


loving life.

I know all the tricks now.

I can prevent from being lured back in

when we said goodbye last, it was permanent