Saturday, March 15, 2014

My first date

So I had this unexpected date today. It's my neighbors brother... been knowing him a few years he had shown interest but I was preoccupied Smh.. any who.

He's living with his sister now who lives next to me so we're neighbors now...


We c each other everyday
He carried my groceries in for me the other day...

He's attractive

And I am soooooooooo over due for some

He's not my usual type

But look where that shit landed me

He's younger than me of course
Lmao the young men love me

He told me he always wanted to date me but he thought I had a man

I've caught him staring a few times...

He's nice to look at
I gotta turn up

What if I die 2moro  ?

I don't wanna regret not being out there

I only got one life

Can't be stuck alone

Mad that I'm alone when so many people like me

As if

Wish me luck cuz I plan on having fun. No babies included

That part