Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving right along

Dam folks it's April pretty much u know?

That's crazy...

This year moving right along.

Changes Changes.

Rearranging life.

But GOD is good.

I been meeting people.

Getting to know people.

Finding out more than I should lmao.

There is definitely some weird niggas in the game.

Niggas be doin a lot.

When in actuality I'm quite simple... at least in my own complex mind.


I can't wait to go camp man.
Its a lot of work packing and all that shit but once I get out there.

Very peaceful

It gives me a peace that the city can never give me.

Weeeeell, my intermission is over time to crawl back into bed for sleep #2 ;)

Live your life people

Cuz you could die today.

And too shay to the nigga who said they can't live life like that

Cause in all reality I can't either

*Drops mic and walks off