Thursday, January 30, 2014

Slow deep long sigh

Single parenting is the hardest thing you can ever do.

Being a parent in general is hard but being the one and only source for everything is hard.
Only source of love, income, advice, punishment... it become draining, some days I Just can't handle it I feel overwhelmed.

I wish I had freedom and there's so much I would have done different but I love my kids to death. Ijs

I never got to do the dating, clubbing, bar scene.

I had my first son at 18

It was all about him thereafter

I wish I would've had more to offer my kids.

More education,  life experience.

But GOD is masterful who am I to question...

I just pray LORD help me get thru this cuz Santana only 10 my youngest 1 and I got a cold diva in between those two.

Breathing deeply

It's crazy cuz even now you know as a parent you have no privacy.

Your kids always gonna hate who you date.

Romance is like out the door

It's easier to not date
Cuz dating with kids is so mega complicated.

What day is it?