Saturday, December 21, 2013

This 1 dude

Man i really miss my nigga
We don't get along tho
Unless we go thru long stretches of time without seeing each other
Otherwise all we do is argue.

We have our good times tho. As rare as they are... lol

When we get it right, heaven on earth...

Even though we argue all the time he's my best friend.

I miss him right now.
I stay busy.
It helps.

But I miss this nigga man.
It hurts. 

Might as well write about it since I can't talk about it.

Can't even pretend to show Santana n them that I might be hurting...
I have to look like everything is all together
Even tho I feel it's all fallen apart.
That shit hurts my heart.

Dam might as well start smoking cigarettes again.

Life without him.

Death sentence anyways.

I miss my nigga