Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm tired of the drama.


I'm starting my new year early.

I've blocked people in my phone.

Number changing soon thank God.

I just am too weak to fight the fight anymore.

I lose

I give up

This year brought a lot of change to me. 

I'm living without people I thought I needed.

I've cut ties with almost everyone I know..

I am leaving my loved ones behind. And I'm gonna discover who the real, alone, me is.


I feel like everything is different.

I don't want what I did before.

Its harder doing the right thing.

So blocking u

And forgetting

As hard as it may be.

It will be done

We prevent ourselves from moving on.

When there are people coming around just to hear your voice and ask how you're feeling.
What u been up to?

How are you?

I'm concerned.

I care

I'm here.
I'm here for YOU.

Maybe it's not about sex

Its about friendship.

Who cares enough to be at your door?

I am closing my revolving door.

And I'm not gonna look back from here on out. 
Blinders on my eyes.

May deafness fall upon fake professions.

I have all I need to keep me happy safe and warm.

Cutting out the lifecycles

Happy holidays everybody.

Thank you Lord.