Saturday, December 14, 2013


I think i know how to deal with you.
By treating you basic.
Theres nothing special or unique about you anymore

Just another notch on the belt as they say.

Because i can never be tamed anyways

We tried it failed and basically
Im choosing a different reality.

Two people living seperate lives.
Crossing paths from time to time.

As long as i can always realize
that fact will always be true

I wont have to get over you

Because i wont be under you.

That life is over friend.

Almost 10 years later

Same circumstances

No movement

Not even a nudge

No progression...

Just added frustration


So when that other man steps in

Even though hes not you

A basic decision will have to be made

For my Happiness

Outside of you.

Friendships change...


Everything from the past changes into regret

And all of the sudden your new life

Hasnt a splinter of me in it. Kids or otherwise.

Just me and my husband

You and your wife.

I'll only hear stories about you after that

Sending you well wishes thru others

Oh Tell him we said hi.

Them rather. ..

The future

It Isnt as complicated as i thought.

Quite predictable actually.

You said it yourself

Youve thought it

And when it happens you wont be shocked.

Because of the cicumstances there is only one answer

So lets just keep it basic

Theres 2 things that wont change.
Life and death.

We live whatever life we choose

And then we die.

See how basic that is.

Who cares about a phone call?

It wont change my life

Cant stop my death...

So why do it?

Ill never understand

My life is moving so fast
Too fast for you man.

14, 10, 4, 10 months...

How much more do you have to miss out on?

Cant you realize we already are living diffrent lives

You lived that other life with the other one

Now youre scared.

Ran off


Old news.

Theres other people that like who i am

Say how they feel

Knoww how to be real

Do all the basics you wouldn't Do

It could've been you if you wanted it to.

Good thing all the confusion is gone

With a basic friendship

The fun is done

The chit chat is over

Ignore has been set

It shoudnt even matter

Better yet

Just pretend that im gone

Cuz emotionally its that

Just your basic run of the mill breakup

Just a basic part of life

Theres not a reason for a million goodbyes.

Just cut and dry.

Go live your life.

Love is a circumstantial lie.


Voicemail Voicemail

Till i die.

Soon enough youll get pre occupied

With another love.

And Live your dreamlife.

We'll eventually have to severe ties.

So lets do it now friend

Accept goodbye.

Just Another basic part of life.