Monday, December 17, 2012

end of 2012

so, its here, only one week till Santa makes his rounds!!!

i am TOOO ready.

we have 2 trees :)

a colorful one and a classic white lit one.

we're not gonna decorate them tho until big brother gets out here :) i cant wait to see sen

the kids are so excited to have big brother down here for Christmas and new years!!!

i cant believe how fast the year has flown by!!!

so anyways, the presents are wrapped and hidden, ready to suprise the little ones

they been tryna find the gifts but im 2 steps ahead pf them of course LOL

its been a SUPER great year and i feel really really blessed.

got my court stuff over with for the time being...

and just ready to begin another great year.

possibly thinking about moving...

i need more room. just hate to leave this place

i love it soooooo LOL

but we are definitely out growing it.

less than 2 months to go until the baby comes

already got my support system on stand by

and a back up to the back up :)

when you stay ready you aint gotta GET ready!!

so anyways my little turtle doves.

keep the CT children on your mind, in your prayers, and on your heart.

remember that 2moro isnt promised.

to you OR your little ones.

6 might not see 7.

7 might not see 8.

just remember how extremely blessed you are to open your eyes every single day.

its a blessing that many many innocent people will never get to experience.

so anyways happy holidays to you all.

spread love ♥