Saturday, November 17, 2012


so today Santana had a football game,
the team has been begging me to feed them all again,

so against my wishes i took my grill
about 100 hotdogs and buns and went to work

i am so TIRED

he won the game!!! which was a big thing for them since that team is undefeated

i stayed for his game, which was from 9 to 10

then also cooked for varsity which played from 10 to 11...

at least all the kids and faculty were happy

and i get a break for the next few weekends

can you guys believe that thanksgiving is next week??


and my birthday is the 26th!!!! yea me!!!!!

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the holidays!!!

we already broke our tree out like a week ago

and we been watching Christmas movies and listening to our carols etc.

giving spirit to the world!~!!!!!

so anyways im really not here to say much!

i am tired as a hebrew slave

and i intend on giving myself a nice long nap after all the work i did today for my son, his school, and his team!

and his really attractive coach LMAO

let me stop

*spanking myself* BAD CHASE!!!!!

;)  anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays

everyone enjoy your holidays

i pray everyone has a wonderful holiday season

look at how FAST this year went by

less than like 45 days left in this entire year!!!

which i cant wait for because i need January to come!!!!

my body is waiting for recovery!!

and i have boytoys to play with LMAO


to all the losers that havent gotten the hint yet

you can KNOCK at my door all day and night buddy

you had your chance,

you fucked it up

now get back to your OWN Life and leave me BE

i dont wanna see you

my kids dont wanna see you

everytime i think about you

i throw up in my mouth a little.

save yourself the trip,

the embarrassment

the humiliation...

how many times do we have to have the same talk??

if i remember correctly the last time i banged on you, i told you to never come over again and to not call me...

you told me i didnt have to WORRY about seeing you again~~~

but you lied...

you still be trying to pop up...

you KNOW who you are...

you're the one who never gets LOVE

never HAVE and never WILL

go bother the other 3 B.M.'s you got...