Saturday, July 7, 2012

remembering my granny

so i was taking a shower earlier and in the bathroom under the sink are my birkenstock's

and i immediately thought of my granny

i decided to share my memory with you~~~

so a few years back, on my granny's LAST trip to oregon to see her brother Jack (rest in peace)
my aunt helen gave my granny a really nice pair of birki's

my granny used to be a sandal wearer, but the older she got and the more times she broke her toes, eventually she just stopped wearing sandals all together

my aunt helen, who ONLY wears sandals LOL BIRKENSTOCKS to the death!!!
gave my granny a pair for her birthday,

so i go over to visit her, im asking about oregon and aunt helen, uncle jack

and she shows me her new shoes

i was ON them they were so cute

so i was like granny can i wear em??

"NO, helen gave me these for my birthday... they're supposed to help my feet"

me: "ok granny"


"hey punkin... try these sandals on, if you like them you can have em."


there wasnt ANYTHING


this woman WOULD NOT DO FOR ME

she showed me day in and day out what TRUE unconditional love was

and because of her

i know HOW to truly love someone and make them feel like they are the only person that matters to me

and i also know how to seek that out

i have a best friend that loves me like that

thank you LORD for blessing me with such an outstanding example of LOVE

i miss u granny ♥ love you