Wednesday, July 18, 2012


i love everyone who is embracing their natural hair these days

weaves are so played

anyone and everyone can go buy someone elses NICE hair

what about YOUR shit

as you guys know i locked my hair back up

im also using some really nice organic dread soaps lately too

i need things to be gentle on my hair, my daughters and also gentle and kind on the earth

some of my friends are lockin their hair up

always trend setting LOL


although this is my second set of dreads.

i have my first set in a glass vase in my livingroom

and i have all the knowledge from my first set

all of it just made this set so much more gorgeous

so anyways just spreading a little love

my uncle is locking his hair, some other friends and fam

cant wait to see everyone's rockin locks

and people try being more natural

women judge their beauty by what they can put on their face

i can wipe your beauty off

what about YOU is beautiful?

your store bought hair?

your mac make up?

if thats the case anyone can buy those things and be just as beautiful as you

did GOD not create you beautiful as you are?

embrace who you are, what you are

your OWN hair

your real skin tone