Thursday, July 5, 2012

my gifts

so im sitting here.
loving life
enjoying my morning

and im sitting here thanking GOD
for making me feel worthy

HE has blessed me with so MUCH

i feel like my heart is about to burst

i just cant find anything to complain about right now

and i have to shout it out to the world!!

i have a wonderful, supportive family

gorgeous, smart, kids

i have my health

great friends :)

a nice apartment,

antiques :)

a nice truck

a cool bike and bike trailer (even though i havent been exercising lately)

i had a great camping trip

ive removed BULLSHIT and BULLSHITTERS out my life

havent had a whole ot of drama since last year :)

2012 for the most part has cracked!!!

have never been closer to my bestfriend

she loves me completely and wholly and i couldnt ask for a better person

i dont think she knows how much i love her :)

so anyways just up praising GOD for HIS mercy and understanding

HIS compassion and love.

which i could never live without

LORD i thank YOU today and everyday for your abundance in my life

may YOU forever keep me humble and under YOUR grace

please be merciful to me and understand my pain

my life is in YOUR hands on YOUR terms

never let my stubbornness deceive YOU

KNOW My heart LORD


i worship YOU

take all of me and my family

we are YOURS to mold

let the enemy fall
his plans fail

and let me not be deceived by the devil