Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ive got sunshine

so my rainbow shone down on me for a while today ...

i missed seeing it...

so judgmental...

but i guess we all judge things through our own eyes.

everytime i start running towards my rainbow though...

by the time i get close its GONE

not to bee seen or heard from

like it was never there

there is ALOT i wish i could take back

but im OLD enough to know there is NO rewind button on anything in life

only whats in front of you

i was tired of fighting for this elusive rainbow that i only heard of

i felt like i could never hold it in my arms.

only in my dreams

so why do i long for this rainbow still?

maybe i just long for what for what i think this rainbow will be like if i catch it.

you ever want something so bad that when you get it

it just doesnt live up to what youve built in your mind??


ive said it time and time again

we live in our minds

im not the perfect creature you thought i was

you not perfect either.

the only thing perfect is my rainbow

i have a picture of my rainbow on the wall.

a beautiful picture of perfection...

i have the card you made.

the smile you smiled

i love you...

i know it doesnt mean anything

but it means the world to me.

i sit back and as time passes and more time goes by

the pieces fit together.

even the lies and deceit...

but i still love you

i love the rain before the rainbow

the pieces that never fit together the right way

the way you made everything seem ok

thank you for your ray...

as brief as my rainbow was

it was still there