Saturday, July 21, 2012


sooo today was a hard one for all of us

sen had to go back home already :(

but he's gonna be playin football for the first time

he wanted to move back here

but i want him to honor his commitments that he makes to other people

even himself

if you say you gonna do something


so back home he went

he caught the bus by himself which was scary for all of us

we are NOT used to him being a teen

he told his dad when he got there that he wasnt ready to leave us :(

and that he wants us to move back to l.a.

and when amil figured out we were leaving the bus station without sen

she started HITTING everybody and told us to leave her alone!!! she loves sen so much

so i already know everything will work out for the best

i have the UTMOST faith in GOD

what im having a hard time with is this horrible sickness
it just wont give me a break

im steady losing weight

and i cant eat anything :(

praying on it

so anyways everybody enjoy life

thank GOD for how far he's brought you

and isnt that a tragedy about what happened in colorado??

people are truly sick

youngest casualty 6 years old oldest 51

i cant imagine what those families is feeling

you cant even go to a movie opening anymore

who would go through all that trouble?

how much hatred is that???

seems like a lot of SELF hatred projected onto a lot of innocent people

makes me sick

i pray for GODS children

so anyways let me get back to my tea...

hopefully it'll give me some relief and some shut eye after that :)