Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 mount charleston

so  i cant get all into it. cuz im pressed for time, on the way to henderson in a few...

BUT camp was such a success!!!

we went to a different part of mt. charleston (i wont tell you which part cuz its MINES ALL MINES)

seriously i dont wanna share wit yall niggas


its way beautiful

super quiet

and less crowded that the other parts of the mountain.
i literally felt like we owned the place

there was no other campers in sight.

we had almost the entire campgrounds to ourselves

we saw lots of wildlife out there

a herd of wild mustangs came extremely close to us LOL

mad squirrels and chipmunks

i was throwing trail mix every where LOL

they LOVE me

they was eating everything i throw

nuts, raisins, lemons, you name it

i learned how TO GRILL FINALLY!!!!

no more asking a MAN for fresh grilled food!!!


i been gettin my grill ON!!!! fuckin chicken hot dogs, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, beef steaks LOL

ALL baby!!!!!

so anyways we're back (for now)

and im tired

i need to rest for a while

then back to normal life :)

proud of someone very special to me ♥


i see you

i know youre there baby

see you when i see you ♥

even if its next lifetime

bye everybody

enjoy life

im enjoying it

even amongst my morning sickness and barfing everywhere
 make due with what GOD gave you