Monday, June 25, 2012

summer time SEN

sooooo in a few horas we finna get my sen ben...
bring him home for the summer. or at least part of it.


MORE prepared than last year
and ready to have 3 times the fun!!!

gonna plan WAAAAY better than i did last year

although we DID have enough food juice snacks for 3 almost 4days i think

anyways, gonna try to pack even MORE food n stuff this year

got some nice big coolers to bring

pads to pad the ground better

not gonna bring the cats :/

the baby bigger

so we will all be able to do MORE

its gonna be interesting i do KNOW that

but it feels so good to get away from it all

the tv

the heat

the noise

the people

its just you and what GOD has made for you

wonder at it

marvel it

all in all im excited

i cant even sleep

i wanna get on the road NOW

patience is virtue chase LOL

one i am STILL workin on.

so anyways im not here to say too much,

killin time since i cant sleep

enjoying my new neighbors

the other units in the courtyard are almost finished

the ones that got damaged last year in the fire

so eventually there will be alot of new blood in this courtyard

the old neighbors that moved out have been here for years

probably 15 or more

ive been here 6 years already

and im one of the babys LOL the new booty

so anyways

GOD bless you all

enjoy your summers

your vacation

your family

your life

2moro isnt promised

and stop lettin the devil make you feel like you dont have

do you have Christ??

then you have it ALL!!!