Saturday, June 16, 2012


2012 father's day is here.

i been so busy with all of us having the flu for over a week that i had completely forgotten

i gotta call my daddy tomorrow.

and other than that ima jus get my relax on.

we still tryna kick this flu

man its a BEAST tho.

the kids is getting better faster than me... still got a little cough and congestion tho..

me i'm still coughing everywhere and my phlegm is GREY literally

its totally disgusting

but i'll b ok

everyone i know is sick

the home gurl easha and her 4 daughter's

naynay n her kids

the 7-11 workers LOL

the weather dipped like 2 weeks ago

and shit aint been the same since.

so anyways im not on here to be on all that i just wanted to say a word to the fathers in the world

and NOT the guys that know how to bust nuts and NOT responsibility

im talking to the guys who take trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night

the guys that havent seen a GUYS NIGHT OUT in years

the ones that cheer lead with their daughter's

the guys that are so absorbed with their kids they havent had a date in 3 years

the guys that meet the women in their lives at a school function

a fund raiser

the fathers that volunteer for the field trips

they bake cookies with their daughters

their clothes are whack because they spend every last cent on their kids


you are the EPITOME of love

your sacrifices are never going to stop paying you back

the love that you show your kids is unbelievable

your job is hard and it pays nothing

it pays you back in stress and gray hairs LOL

and eventually grand kids, graduations,

GOD favors you

and if you never hear it again


continue to put your kids first

and GOD will always put you in the forefront

HAPPY FATHERS DAY 2012!!!! may you be extremely blessed for the rest of your lives ♥