Thursday, June 21, 2012

getting back on traaaaaack

i had the whackest week ever but im turning my shit aroung riiiiiiiiight NOW

you really learn alot from being around someone 24 hours out the day.

you can know someone for 17 years and never KNOW them...

niggaz on that SELF righteous bullshit but thats COO

i paid $200.00 to get this asshole outta my life.

money well spent ;)

so im on my journey

and im excited to see what life is finna bring me

for the final time

im NOT moving right now

i would have to be super persuaded and like get with lil wayne or something to move

and even then i would still wanna keep this place low key

i feel comfortable here

now i know why my white grandparents stayed in the middle of south central

even though they had more than enough money to move

they loved it there!!!

they loved the neighborhood

the neighbors

the community

and it wasnt about loving the hood

anyone that knows my grandparents knows that they didnt even view life like that

i believe they truly loved their home

and they felt safe

thats how i feel for the mostpart

i had someone try to take that away
make this house sad and unsafe

because thats how they felt

i almost left here

and im SOOO glad that i didnt

i have the sweetest neighbors i really do

and im not talking about the people that even live around me on the other blocks

im talking about the people in my courtyard

they're really sweet

and they love the kids.

there is nothing these people dont try to extend to us its really unbelieveable at times

i am truly grateful to them sometimes

so i had a little hiccup in my life

a case of temporary insanity and misjudgement if you will

but i am back to my normal life aside from a HUGE change

a blessing none the less ♥♥♥


new LIFE

with LIFE

so anyways, i am going to enjoy this quiet house.

with just me n mines IN IT

it feels tony the tiger GREAAAAAT i tell you

wouldnt trade this in for the world

and after ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this time do you know what ive learned about myself ???

ive learned that i LOOOOOOOVE living alone. (aside from kids)

i wiss j boogy was out here

but even she get on my nerve after a few days

and i would die for her

i've always said

im a great 5 minute friend but longevity is NOT my thing

and i dont pretend or fake who i am

you take this shit as it come

or keep walking

my life is TOOOO precious for me to be sitting up here mad

when i have a zillion and 3 things to smile about :)

so everyone

enjoy your life

do WHATEVER you have to
to be happy

GOD wants you to be happy
as often as you can be.

and after i drop this baby ima get me a DOPE ass black widow tattoo♥

cuz thats how i feel i am

i need u for a second

because i cant make this miracle alone

but afterwards

i will discard you

eat you alive

kill you

and continue with life and my blessing

without even remembering who you ever were

;) love you *wink*