Wednesday, June 27, 2012


first and foremost i would like to thank my sweet customers for checking on me :)

i KNOW i havent been in contact/touch the way i usually would be.

as most of you know by now i just recently picked up my first born from l.a.

so its kids TIMES 3

plus a pregnancy thats been keeping me in the bed most of the day

HOWEVER i am NOT on a full vacation

as i do MOST summers im working on an ABBREVIATED schedule

so im trying to do my best to work you ALL In

and around our summer festivities.

with that being said i should let you guys know
that i WILL be gone most likely from the 1st of july to the 4th

we will be on VACA in mt. charleston

if any of you guys have ever been you know there's NO cell service anywhere NEAR the mountain

hence me reaching out to guys NOW

i wanna get schedules worked out

so i wont come back to HECTICNESS LOL

anyways as usual you guys in the mean time can reach me by email

on FB

or on twitter @imchase

thank you again for being so patient and kind and understanding to my current circumstances...


cant wait to make beautiful art with you :)

partial REPOST > beware

I wanted to post up a blog about our serious landfill problem.
we are running out of space to put our trash people and there isnt any more room to spare.

are you aware that when the trash leaves our houses and dumpsters it gets dumped in some landfill where it just sits! Eventually it may get burned and buried underground sealed in a plastic "Tupperware" sealed kind of thing., but even still we only have so much room for that.

I am an avid re cycler, re user, thrift storer etc etc.

there any many many ways to help our planet.

and that doesnt always necessarily mean sorting your plastics, glasses, and cans. even though thats a GREAT place to start ♥

it also can mean re using things after their initial use.
turn that old milk gallon into a bird feeder. etc.

We can all still be consumers, but you have to watch they way you buy.
and WHERE you buy.

anyways I just wanted to speak on an issue that is important to me.
I instill it in my kids.
and I hope the good word lands on a patient ear :)

here are some pictures of other countries that there landfills are FULL they have NO room for anything else and they are LITERALLY living in trash.

i bet they never thought it could happen

but it did

look at how badly weve destroyed our planet already

global warming

depleted ozone

losing land mass to water

we are killing our planet

this is a partial REPOST with added information

i posted this almost a year ago

and we still have the same problem

i DO however see a partial improvement

i see more people using public transportaion
biking etc which is extremely kind on nature

but i still see trash everywhere

so here are pictures of our FUTURE

if we as a people dont start to care about our environment anymore this is what we're creating


Monday, June 25, 2012

summer time SEN

sooooo in a few horas we finna get my sen ben...
bring him home for the summer. or at least part of it.


MORE prepared than last year
and ready to have 3 times the fun!!!

gonna plan WAAAAY better than i did last year

although we DID have enough food juice snacks for 3 almost 4days i think

anyways, gonna try to pack even MORE food n stuff this year

got some nice big coolers to bring

pads to pad the ground better

not gonna bring the cats :/

the baby bigger

so we will all be able to do MORE

its gonna be interesting i do KNOW that

but it feels so good to get away from it all

the tv

the heat

the noise

the people

its just you and what GOD has made for you

wonder at it

marvel it

all in all im excited

i cant even sleep

i wanna get on the road NOW

patience is virtue chase LOL

one i am STILL workin on.

so anyways im not here to say too much,

killin time since i cant sleep

enjoying my new neighbors

the other units in the courtyard are almost finished

the ones that got damaged last year in the fire

so eventually there will be alot of new blood in this courtyard

the old neighbors that moved out have been here for years

probably 15 or more

ive been here 6 years already

and im one of the babys LOL the new booty

so anyways

GOD bless you all

enjoy your summers

your vacation

your family

your life

2moro isnt promised

and stop lettin the devil make you feel like you dont have

do you have Christ??

then you have it ALL!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

getting back on traaaaaack

i had the whackest week ever but im turning my shit aroung riiiiiiiiight NOW

you really learn alot from being around someone 24 hours out the day.

you can know someone for 17 years and never KNOW them...

niggaz on that SELF righteous bullshit but thats COO

i paid $200.00 to get this asshole outta my life.

money well spent ;)

so im on my journey

and im excited to see what life is finna bring me

for the final time

im NOT moving right now

i would have to be super persuaded and like get with lil wayne or something to move

and even then i would still wanna keep this place low key

i feel comfortable here

now i know why my white grandparents stayed in the middle of south central

even though they had more than enough money to move

they loved it there!!!

they loved the neighborhood

the neighbors

the community

and it wasnt about loving the hood

anyone that knows my grandparents knows that they didnt even view life like that

i believe they truly loved their home

and they felt safe

thats how i feel for the mostpart

i had someone try to take that away
make this house sad and unsafe

because thats how they felt

i almost left here

and im SOOO glad that i didnt

i have the sweetest neighbors i really do

and im not talking about the people that even live around me on the other blocks

im talking about the people in my courtyard

they're really sweet

and they love the kids.

there is nothing these people dont try to extend to us its really unbelieveable at times

i am truly grateful to them sometimes

so i had a little hiccup in my life

a case of temporary insanity and misjudgement if you will

but i am back to my normal life aside from a HUGE change

a blessing none the less ♥♥♥


new LIFE

with LIFE

so anyways, i am going to enjoy this quiet house.

with just me n mines IN IT

it feels tony the tiger GREAAAAAT i tell you

wouldnt trade this in for the world

and after ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this time do you know what ive learned about myself ???

ive learned that i LOOOOOOOVE living alone. (aside from kids)

i wiss j boogy was out here

but even she get on my nerve after a few days

and i would die for her

i've always said

im a great 5 minute friend but longevity is NOT my thing

and i dont pretend or fake who i am

you take this shit as it come

or keep walking

my life is TOOOO precious for me to be sitting up here mad

when i have a zillion and 3 things to smile about :)

so everyone

enjoy your life

do WHATEVER you have to
to be happy

GOD wants you to be happy
as often as you can be.

and after i drop this baby ima get me a DOPE ass black widow tattoo♥

cuz thats how i feel i am

i need u for a second

because i cant make this miracle alone

but afterwards

i will discard you

eat you alive

kill you

and continue with life and my blessing

without even remembering who you ever were

;) love you *wink*

Saturday, June 16, 2012


2012 father's day is here.

i been so busy with all of us having the flu for over a week that i had completely forgotten

i gotta call my daddy tomorrow.

and other than that ima jus get my relax on.

we still tryna kick this flu

man its a BEAST tho.

the kids is getting better faster than me... still got a little cough and congestion tho..

me i'm still coughing everywhere and my phlegm is GREY literally

its totally disgusting

but i'll b ok

everyone i know is sick

the home gurl easha and her 4 daughter's

naynay n her kids

the 7-11 workers LOL

the weather dipped like 2 weeks ago

and shit aint been the same since.

so anyways im not on here to be on all that i just wanted to say a word to the fathers in the world

and NOT the guys that know how to bust nuts and NOT responsibility

im talking to the guys who take trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night

the guys that havent seen a GUYS NIGHT OUT in years

the ones that cheer lead with their daughter's

the guys that are so absorbed with their kids they havent had a date in 3 years

the guys that meet the women in their lives at a school function

a fund raiser

the fathers that volunteer for the field trips

they bake cookies with their daughters

their clothes are whack because they spend every last cent on their kids


you are the EPITOME of love

your sacrifices are never going to stop paying you back

the love that you show your kids is unbelievable

your job is hard and it pays nothing

it pays you back in stress and gray hairs LOL

and eventually grand kids, graduations,

GOD favors you

and if you never hear it again


continue to put your kids first

and GOD will always put you in the forefront

HAPPY FATHERS DAY 2012!!!! may you be extremely blessed for the rest of your lives ♥