Tuesday, May 29, 2012

well well

sooooo, i have a HUGE SECRET!!!!

my best friend j doesnt even know.

she knows EVERYTHING!!! (she's SOON to know)

i just gotta find the right words.

its hard to talk to people who MEAN a lot to me, cuz there's alot of merit behind that. but my life is seriously CHANGING

very fast

and these changes cant be hidden

so, anywho

without saying too TOO much

all i can say is, i should be moving within the year

and also getting married ♥

and neither of those 2 things is the secret!!!

so... u can imagine how i'm feeling over here.


i wish you all a wonderful, happy, GOD driven life.

i swear if you open up your heart to HIM, HE we fulfill your every need and desire