Tuesday, April 10, 2012


ok, so im tired of holding on to grudges
im to lazy for that shit so for every and anybody who has ever done me wrong

or pissed me off

said the wrong thing

done the wrong thing

assumed the wrong thing

whatever the case may be

i just wanna forgive

because it really is true when they say that forgiving is for yourself
not the other person

now im not sayin we finna be best friends

or even friends at all

im just sayin

alll the negative energy

and crazy shit i prolly have thought about doing to you in the past

im not goin there no more

mentally its too draining

it means i still give an inkling of a fuck

and i dont

so im not gonna give you even any more brain energy

you not worth it

no one is but GOD

so thats who i want to occupy my heart
and my mind

my thoughts

i want my life to be whole and pure

and full

and blessed

and how can i possibly have any of that, if i spend my free time thinking of how people did me foul?

life is not fair

we just have to deal with the storms when they come

and ima try to start saving money cause i be spending spending man

not cool

so anyways everyone

have a blessed day


praise GOD

enjoy the breath you have in your lungs

the life you have

pray for 2moro

and make a difference in someone's life

when you die what type of mark are you gonna leave on the world?

remember that people always will remember the bad twice as fast as they remember the good in you