Tuesday, April 24, 2012

summer riding

sooooooooo i have definitely been out there getting my bike on,

getting a super sexy tan LOL

fresh air, ALL that! so um,,,

today me and the kids went to the "world" famous pawn shop from "pawn stars"

they were taping when we got there.

so... basically we had to wait outside,

while they did a 30 minute taping,

i met their publicist LOL

she told amil not to sit in front of the door way

they wont even let you peek in the window theres this guy who puts his hand in your face to block you from seeing shit

think about that job

just lowkey blockin all day

so it was pretty cool in there they had alot of old shit in there

antiques and such.

he said he liked one of my knives LOL

cant have it !!!

they had some super dooper old ass guns

they wanted alot for them too like 12,000

they has sculptures in their for 30,000

it was cool

alot of useless shit that you either have to collect

or just have thousands to blow on bullshit

i asked this one guy what this one thing was
it was the light or lamp off of a ship

it was like 12,000 also

Ginsu knives

everything u never knew u wanted

santana was like u can buy granny this betty boop picture it was like 800

how about not today LOL

so anyways, we will be on another adventure 2moro

adventures everyday until i die