Sunday, April 29, 2012

may baby

so yall already know its may one time!!!

mayweather fight on the 5th :) #WHOOMP

should be poppin in vegas!

tourists are definitely UP since the past few years

the recession

school finna be over and then sen benny gone be here

we gone get our chill on dawg (tommy voice)

all of us cant wait to go camping

we go a few times LOL

its so relaxing out there

no cell fone service

just you and nature

its really humbling

its something that i learned from my granny and her brother my uncle jack may the BOTH rest is peace and power with GOD i love and miss you both...

and i try to let them live through me and the things that i do with my kids

and hopefully when im gone, my kids can let me live through them by keeping me alive in their lives

so this year should be much easier than last year HAAAAAAAA

we were clueless as a mutha fucka LOL

aye u know whats crazy cuz you know ur kids get older

they start understanding the world and how it works and they start lookin at you differently

cuz you go from being the person who knows everything, the person with all the answers

to just being a regular person who knows some things and not others

so last year i saw my oldest son sen (12 goin on 13) kinda realizing like i didnt know how to do the tent LOL

like we were ALL figuring it out TOGETHER at the same time as a FAMILY

and thats what im looking forward to this year

you know last year i even thought it was a good idea to take my cats out there


in the WOODS


mental note for this time


julian kept sneaking out and making us chase him all around in the pitch black darkness of the woods SMH

so anyways i talked to sen today and gave him that final pep talk to try to get him thru the rest of the year

he's restless

he's ready to be on vaca and i honestly cant blame him

so anyways i didnt want too much

im up cleaning and such while the kiddos is sleep

talk 2u soon fam ♥