Sunday, April 15, 2012

great sunday

so today was just absolutely gorgeous in las vegas

i left the truck at home and we all took off biking

we went to the bank
then the grocery store.

stopped and picked flowers

and then we biked home.

the kids had a water fight while i cooked tacos

then they ate.

then back outside they went to play with martins bad butt lol

then amil came in cuz her finally got tired

now she's napping

im watching tv and finna eat again cuz the tacos is

and santanas still outside.

i am poopalooped

im ready to just relax and get ready for this up coming week.

just tryna keep in mind that summer is just around the corner.

staying up late

sleeping in all day

biking around

getting sunshine

fresh air

enjoying the free time we have together

i gotta patch things up with the people i care about.

i been lowkey goin ham and i really dont mean to