Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

First and foremost i wanna say Happy Easter to everyone

and give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ who has risen again!

secondly and with great sadness i want to say that yesterday my uncle Jack Neff passed and went home to God.

i wanna give praise and acknowledgement for all that he has done in my life and i want to share some of it with you.

Jack Neff was my granny's bigger brother.

He lived in Oregon with my Aunt Helen.

My Granny took me and taj to oregon every single summer to hang with aunt helen and uncle jack.

it was so FUN

they took us everywhere

we went swimming in lakes,

running in sand dunes,

visited bat caves,

saw the great sequoia trees,

random beaches all over northern Cali.

camping, hiking, fishing,

they knew how to do it all

i cant imagine what my aunt helen is feeling i PRAY for her and her family...
my cousins

my uncle jack will be sorely sorely missed

he taught me how to catch LIVE fishing bait LOL

he would throw you a worm every blue moon

but he expected yo ass to catch a bag full of crickets tho LOL

he made the BEST homemade fruit roll ups,

jam, jelly

he farmed

i mean, there wasnt anything i didnt admire this man for

he was very peaceful

yet really witty LMAOOO

uncle jack i am going to miss you very much

and i truly regret that i havent been down there in many many years

i even more regret the fact that none of my children ever had the pleasure and the grace of meeting you

i promise you that i will try to each them everything that you have taught me and my family in my lifetime

i will try everything that i can to continue to let your legacy life forever

i love you uncle jack ♥