Monday, April 30, 2012

changed the calender

so me and santana already changed our calenders to may

this weekend the mayweather fight BABY!!

and also a FULL moon... how bout them apples?

dam the year whizzin along aintit?

niggaz just yelled happy new years... now its may

thats crazy


im most likely gonna make it a late night tonight.

i got mad shit to do.

but im BLESSED none the less


i wish santana was already out of school and sen too

i love watchin movies with them at like 3 am

the shit we cant watch when muahmuahs is up

she light weight be controlling the tv *excuseme??*

well i didnt come here to say TOOOO much.

just wanna wish everybody a happy summer.

mothers day is coming up this month...

everyone pray for your moms,

visit their graves,

light a candle

sing your moms or in my case my granny's favorite song

do whatever you have to

to keep them alive

on mothers day AND every other day

thats GIVEN to you

STOP waiting for blessings and BE a blessing ♥