Friday, March 23, 2012


so, cali is gonna be on its way to me :)

my mom, m.i.l. , my son, and i think my cousin pam...

my lil niecy couldnt make it out here :( thass cold

maaaaaybe the b.m might change her mind...

im praying on it.

so otherwise im not having to many complaints!!!

totally did NOT have drama!! which is a good thing cuz who likes drama??

amil got some cool gifts

a pretty pink bike, and some princess gear as you could see from her pictures...

not sure all what else we saving for the party.

so i cant WAIT to see senikah

everytime we get on the freeway amil thinks we're on the way to the airport to pick up sen

lil smart butt!

she misses him sooooooo much!

i know she cant wait till summer time!!


so anyways not here to do a whole lotta talking.

im having guests this weekend so of course im cleaning

and washing towels etc etc


pillow cases LOL

so i must say i feel VERY BLESSED that i got what i never expected which was selflessness from someone that never displays that behavior

so to you i say, i applaud and i appreciate what u did

(or didnt do)

i think hopefully it might be a step towards common ground one day.

it was defintely a first step

so thank you

alright i gotta keep cleaning and washing

cuz yall know im old school and i got my own way of doing everything :)

♥ love life yall!!!!!

and happy birthday to my mom i.l. tweet tweet

i didnt know she was the day after amil ♥

thass why we so close