Tuesday, March 20, 2012


lol i named this blog title because my titles never even match what the fuck im talking about so who really cares what i call the shit right?

nigga the shit be truth if u really wanna but any WHOOOOOO

well people the clock is like all the way counted down...

today is my "niece" angelina birthday she's 9. one time for angie

(named after mua of cousre)

and on thursday is my baby girls 3rd smurfday

im expecting drama,

but praying for otherwise u dig?

but i dont know...

u know how it is dealing with retarded mutha fuckas... smh






babies everywhere OMG

and preggos all around!!!

im glad ive done all ima do in my life LOL cuz boy

everytime i even see a pregnant person i feel sorry for her lol

the reward and the payoff is DEF worth it.

but i am the ugliest thing walking when im pregnant LOL

my kids comeout BOMB.com

so i guess that leaves ME bein the ugmo for 9 months LOL

cold game.

so, anyways...

spring is here now all i gotta do is wait for summer cause i cant wait to get sen

and go camping, let my hair down, maybe catch a lil tan ;)

i gotta toast this almondy stuff LOL



aye im funny to me LOL

nigga be lowkey rollin all alone type shit

im my own bestfriend hehehehehe

and i even be trippin on me

cotton mouth

well anyways everybody have a blessed day

no matter what you're goin thru today or in this point in your life

be ever STILL grateful that you woke up today WITH a struggle

because a lot of people struggle's ended yesterday

an hour ago

this minute

now dont get me wrong i get my stress on like everybody else.

(i know the ppl that know me well is like HAAAAA)

i know i can be a little dramatic LOL

but still try to always humble yourself and KNOW that there i literally millions that have it a thousand times worse than you.

me and my friend were taking shots last night and we're both goin through our little shit

but we toasted to "having it good!" because we both know that there are so many that have it worse than us.

love where you are today in life, where ever that may be

whoever you might be with"

love it