Monday, March 12, 2012


soooo with spring here i take it everyone got SPRING FEVER

lol i was talking to my bestie about all these men im encountering lately

and all their different methods of them getting me to notice them...

she said that the male birds around this time (spring)

start flying all around, fluffing up there feathers and spreading there plumage lol
trying to look colorful and attractive lol
she said the men are doing the same thing hehehehe i wonder if thats true LOL

well, regardless. its all interesting to watch

i only wonder what the outcome is gonna be,
and it makes me think

what do we as women do around spring to attract others?

do we do our mating dance too?

are we getting ready for summer?

someone once told me that men always break up around summer so they can be single in the summertime

aint that fucked up LOL

how shallow is that?

must be that "single" life,


because u cant break up with true love,... ... love like that

men arent gonna leave there wives for a summer fling

(hopefully) cause some of these men is very TRIFE

all i can say is that it hurts to have to end a relationship

i think relationships are hard for everybody

i believe a major part of even STAYING together is really wanting that person

you can want someone ALL wrong for you

but if you have that yearning for them

youre gonna want them for the rest of your life

you gonna stick up for them, you gonna fight that fight!!

and im not saying thats a good place to be.

its a real place.

......... wow i dont even know what else to say ....

i know in my life ive been the one hurt

and ive also hurt alot of people

not intentionally

but when matters of the heart come into play, the rules get real wiggly and blurry

i apologize to anyone i may have hurt

anyone that knows me knows thats not my style.

somebody told me that i dont allow myself to be happy.

its hard.

my joy usually comes from other people.

very particular people
but these special people play vital roles in my life

i cant live without them

theyre like air



i am truley blessed to even have people like this in my life and it scares me

because then death comes into my mind

and i worry about them leaving me

or me leaving them

and the thought of sharing a whole life with someone and then us having to separate

scares me enough to not even want that life.

because i never want to hurt the people that i love

life seems so cruel and twisted to me sometimes.

its like we're born, we grow, we have relationships, kids, we grow attached to all these people we love and then one day without any warning we have to leave all of them

it hurts.

cherish today

cherish your family

and your kids

and the people you just cant live without

because one cruel day u will...

u will have to live without them

and u dont want a lot of why didnt i's milling around your mind and soul

you wanna know you did EVERYTHING YOU COULD

to let the people you love KNOW that you loved them

cause money and cars

they wont remember that

you want them to remember your laugh

your smile

your smell

all the things i remember ♥

enjoy life everybody stay blessed