Thursday, March 15, 2012

In time

so, i finally saw that justin timberlake movie

i wasnt disappointed like i thought i would be.

i was actually really impressed with their underlying message

and the parallels they gave in reference to our monetary system and hierarchy systems.

it all made sense to me.

me coming from the hood the "ghetto" or whatever

we always wonder why lets say the police dont respond fast to a crime in the hood

but will respond in seconds if that same crime is done in a rich neighborhood

why dont that care when the poor are robbing the poor?
cause it doesnt fuck with their system

its all the same money (money produced and circulated in the hood)

but when you take outside money like steal from the rich and bring it to the ghetto thats when people have a problem with shit.

he said something really profound to me in the movie

he said it doesnt matter how much time (money) we have or have much we steal as long as they keep raising the price of living

rings a striking resemblance on whats goin on now doesnt it??

yeah we have black doctor's and politicians, and people in power.

but does them making more money count when the cost of living is raised in such a way?

it ensures that the people ALREADY in extreme wealth stay there

and people from middle class to lower class families stay in their social classes

it was crazy to me because it was like that movie was speaking a secret language to me

but i understood every word

i see you

the rich get to take their time and enjoy things more slowly

while the poor are scrambling and literally trying to live the next day

the movie shows extreme consequences (death)

but its not that far from reality

the poor probably do feel like theyre closer to death than the rich

they have to do whatever they can to survive

while the rich do whatever they can

deep shit

i'd take being a poor, broke vigilante anyday

i wanna be apart of the struggle
not part of the problem