Thursday, March 1, 2012

here goes NOTHIN

ok, so i think i have it semi figured out

which is probably more figured out than ive ever had it

and also i think the MOST that i can figure it out

because GOD has the ultimate plan

but my other HALF knows the other part of the plan that i dont know

and its time for him to come home, do his duties and his job, fulfill the promises that he made to me.

and let me make him happy and miserable everyday for the rest of his life.

its time for us to be married :)

i KNOW that i love this man

i have known that for a very very long time

and no matter how much i want to let him go

i cant

i want to stay mad

i cant

i miss him

but its not my place to tell him.

i think that he misses me too but his pride is bigger than him
*(if you can believe that one)

but when he reaches out to me he says the wrong thing. (smh)

maybe he's waiting for me to tell him that i love him.

how can i do that when im still so hurt over everything?

all i wanna do is cry

~~but i wanna cry in his big arms

putting it in the universe:

dear soulmate:

i thoroughly hate you

and love you a little more than that

if you are my soul mate.

then let GOD put in you the right words to say.

let GOD speak to me through you,

but let it not be false promises and lies

come home.

because i miss you

i love you

im lonely

ive been waiting along time

you have a family that has been waiting for you

i hope you're ready now

sometimes its now or never

if im worth it,

if you want me forever

let GOD know

because life is short.

but i want to laugh and smile

and clown with you

you are the only one i wanna marry and spend the rest of my life with

you are poetry to me baby

i could look at your smile all of my life

ive been waiting for you to grow up.
so i can be apart of your life.

and i think i waited to long
and i made some bad decisions in the past

and i have suffered from it
youve suffered from it.

i never ever meant to hurt you i swear to GOD...

i think to some extent we grew apart for a while

but i still am very much in love with you.

now you tell me sir...

after all these years is it love?

how can you love someone you dont see ORRRRRR
talk to


isnt that a flame lit from GOD?

if you hear me

if GOD talks to you and you talk to GOD

i can forgive and forget

its prolly gonna be akward

but they say if you love someone you gotta love all of them

im ready now.

i hope to hear from you

its in GOD'S hands now ♥

;) *wink